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[FURY] was founded on Tuesday, ‎January ‎01, ‎2008, ‏‎3:20:10 AM by Madhatter; got the time cause of a saved file saved the night it happened, lucky us. The first 10 members were as follows:

  • 1. Madhatter
  • 2. Vampire Kid
  • 3. Ingram
  • 4. Bob Lee Swagger
  • 5. What happened
  • 6. The~@zn~N00dl3
  • 7. Frank the Tank
  • 8. Paddy
  • 9. Chase
  • 10. Kahuna

We got really lucky when we got Ingram. As members of [FURY] know he is a computer/tech god. Now with this new computer god in the clan, [FURY] got the ball rolling on the game servers. Vampire Kid was helping by first hosting the server on his computer and getting the website up and running (big thanks to both of them).

January 30, 2008, [FURY] recruited the biggest asshole to walk the earth; who is this asshole...?  Assclown (of course). [FURY] then got a secondary server that was, and still is, hosted on Assclown's computer to this day (again big thanks to him). Our main server ended up being hosted on my computer for a good 3 months. All the older members in the clan remember the good old days with the crazy lag spikes. After that we moved on to a real host "Art of War Central", and are still with them... for now.

We are a laid back, drink a beer, take a bong rip, give shit to someone for no reason, type of clan. We have members that range from novice to expert players, so skill level holds no value to us. We like to think that a more laid back, "have fun attitude" brings the true player out in everyone. We decided not to go the traditional route with rank taken right from the military. We here at [FURY] know this is only a game and not a real military force like some clans try to do. It is this true gaming attitude that makes us stand out of the crowd of hundreds of other servers. We take pride in the fact that we have the best group of players out there, and i just dont mean how well they play. This is why so many members as well as pubbers take offense to anyone who trash talks our clan. So, as u can see [FURY] clan is the best period.

Do you have what it takes...?